Collection: Torque Converter

   GTC Torque Converters are compatible with Comet* with all Parts Interchangeable. Precision-Made High-Quality Means Top Performance and Durability from GTC
   Torque Converters dramatically improve Take Off Power, Acceleration, Climbing Ability and Top End Speed on Go Karts, Minibikes and other Small Vehicles.
The TC2 is a self-contained CVT Transmission that bolts onto your GX200 or clone engine with a 3/4" Crankshaft.   
Vehicles currently using a centrifugal clutch can easily upgrade to a TC2. maximum recommended wheel size is 8".
The TC2 can use the 20-Series clutches which use the symmetrical drive belt when more aggressive performance is needed.

For Mid-Range applications, the 40-Series require use of a jackshaft assembly installed on your vehicle. maximum recommended wheel size is 10".

Higher torque applications including ATVs, Snowmobile and Honda Odyssey can use TC94 or TC102.