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1002 - GTC TC2 Torque Converter, 3/4" Bore, #40/41/420p, 10T GX200

1002 - GTC TC2 Torque Converter, 3/4" Bore, #40/41/420p, 10T GX200

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Billet Aluminum
Max Horsepower 15
Wheel Sizes 5,6 and 8"

much smaller plate with short 2" boss for the jackshaft. Great when clearances are tight. The Shroud Cover does not install on this plate.
a little larger with 3-1/2" boss for the jackshaft. A little stronger than the small plate. Shroud Cover installs on this plate.

1002 TC2 Bolts onto most engines with a 3/4" horizontal shaft including:
  • Honda GX200
  • Titan TX200
  • Briggs Animal
  • Predator 212
  • Tillotson 196/212/225
  • Robin 
  • Tecumseh
  • Kohler
  • Clinton
  • Lifan  
  • Billet Aluminum Mounting Plate (Choose size)
  • 3/4" Bore Driver Clutch
  • 5/8" Driven pulley
  • Built-in Jackshaft and 10T #40/41/420p Sprocket
  • Asymmetric Drive Belt
  • Composite Shroud Cover (Optional)
GTC Torque Converters Precision Made High Quality means Top Performance and Durability from GTC.

Torque Converters dramatically improve Climbing Ability and Top End Speed on Gokarts, Minibikes and other Small Vehicles. Vehicles currently using a Centrifugal Clutch can easily upgrade to a TC2 Torque Converter

Four TC2 Kit Models Available
  • 1001  3/4" Bore, #35 Chain
  • 1002  3/4" Bore, #40/41 Chain
  • 1003  1" Bore, #35 Chain
  • 1004  1" Bore, #40/41 Chain 

Back in 1998, Gokarts USA's initial testing of the GTC Torque Converter proved highly successful.

The TC2 was road tested on a Little Bad Ass Mini chopper with a 5hp Tecumseh Engine.

The TC2 model 1002 was used which has a 3/4" Bore and #40/41P Chain.

The performance impressed our technicians. The low-end power and torque was strong enough to raise the front wheel with just barely applying the throttle. Take off and acceleration was also remarkably impressive.

Taking on a steep hill from a complete stop, the TC2 smoothly down shifted and pulled the 200-pound rider up the hill with ease.

On level ground, at maximum throttle, the TC2 shifted into a very high overdrive ratio and gave us an impressive top speed of 52mph from this stock 5hp Tecumseh.

All in all, the TC2 performed significantly better than the stock TAV2 the bike originally came with.


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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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