Collection: 30 Series

TC2 Torque Converter

The TC2 is a self-contained (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission that bolts onto the engine with a supplied mounting plate.

Models 1001 & 1002
 for 3/4" Crankshaft engines.

Choose the small, medium or large billet aluminum plate that fastens to your Honda GX200/Clone engine to provide the in-line jackshaft and eliminates the need for installing a jackshaft on your vehicle. Can handle up to 15hp and 5-, 6- or 8"-wheel size.

Models 1003 & 1004 
for 1" Crankshaft engines.

Comes with the large billet aluminum plate and fastens to your Honda GX270/Clone engine. Can handle up to 23hp and 5-, 6-, 8 or 10"-wheel size.